Oh joy, my fourth week in Sheerness!!

2013 has got off to a flying start work wise with REC and I’ve pretty much become a resident of Sheerness since the New Year. So far I’ve been working in wind, rain, freezing fog, sleet, snow and most importantly in bright sunshine on Sheppey in January. However, I’m getting a bit homesick now and am supervising my final two boreholes this week, so will hopefully be home tomorrow night.

Aaarrrgghhhh Stratford!!!

Its not that I don’t like work, I love my job and changing careers was the best decision that I’ve made in recent times, but I really could do without having to travel from Weymouth to Stratford in London on the first day back after the Christmas break.

Problem is that its an 08:00 start which means leaving Weymouth at 04:00, oh well, I guess thats the price I have to pay for living in such a wonderful part of the country.

Found a Disused Mine Shaft

Today I’ve been at a site in Walsall looking for a disused mine shaft with a f@&k off big excavator. The excavator driver has been a star and found it in less than an hour. Have now logged the trial pits, taken many photographs, mapped the location and marked it by burying a 3m long pole in situ.

Just having lunch at 3pm then back to Brum to hand the keys back, then a long drive home to Southampton.

Today has been a good day.