Photo365 – 24 Jan 2011


Weymouth Sunset

Amanda and I were given a canvas of an image similar to this as an engagement present.  I fell in love with the image as soon as I saw it, and the photographer told me how he had taken it.

As there was a bit of a sunset glow over Weymouth this afternoon, I thought I’d have a try at capturing a similar image.

The image was taken by smoothly and slowly panning the camera (by rotating the monopod) during a 1/2 second exposure.  This was shot in RAW, so I set the white balance to shade to warm the image, and increased the colour saturation slightly in Digital Photo Professional.

I’m very pleased with the result, and think the I have succeeded in getting just enough blur to give the image an artistic feel, whilst still maintaining enough detail to show that it is a photograph and not a painting.