First attempt at night landscape photography.

As it was almost a full moon tonight, and the weather was wonderfully clear, I decided that I’d have a go at some photography by moonlight.

I re-read an article in a photo magazine and armed with a little knowledge headed down to Portland to have a go.

First subject was the classic view from the Red Crane towards the lighthouse.  I estimated the exposure by setting the camera to f/8 and the ISO to 1600, which gave a shutter speed of 30s.  I then decreased the ISO to 200 (3 stops) and tripled the exposure time (1.5 minutes).

The first images came out a bit too dark, so I gradually increased the exposure time, until I was happy with the result (2.5mins @ f/8).  The magazine article recommended setting a manual white balance value of about 3000K, which was what was used in these shots.

Portland Bill by Moonlight

Red Crane by Moonlight

Beach Huts by Moonlight

Portland Swings by Moonlight

Overall, I’m very pleased with these images, I had great fun creating them and can definitely see me doing more of these.

Photo365 – 24 Feb 2011

A Different View of Pulpit Rock

A Slightly Different View of Pulpit Rock

Today, as the weather decided to be nice, I thought that I’d venture down to Portland to take a few photos.

Something I’ve never really done is to have a good look around Pulpit Rock for an alternative to the view that you see reproduced again and again (including by myself), so I had a bit of a wander.

Whilst I was scrabbling around the rocks, I found this large Ammonite impression, and decided that this might make a good alternative viewpoint.

I got down low, set the lens to 17mm and stopped down to about f/16 to give some sharpness to the background so that you could tell tell that it was Pulpit Rock in the background.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much interest in the sky, as Mother Nature wasn’t so co-operative as to provide nice clouds as well ;o)

What do you think, does this viewpoint work?