Photo365 – 14 Feb 2011

Dorset cottage

Picturesque Dorset Cottage

Todays image is of a picturesque little cottage in the village of Nottington, just north of Weymouth.  This cottage is not too far from the octagonal house that used to be the spa house for Nottington Spa.

When I passed this cottage this morning, I loved the way that the light emphasized the texture of the stone walls.

Although not much of it can be seen from this image, the cottage has some lovely box hedging in the front garden.

The buildings visible in the background are the former accommodation buildings for the spa.

Photo365 – 18 Jan 2011


The Home Stretch

Taken at the end of a long walk as I was walking up the drive to the flat.  I particularly like the pattern of shadows cast across the drive.  I used a Speedlite 550EX on an off-camera cord to punch some light into the shadows.  According to the EXIF data, there was no FEC applied, though the effect on this shot is more subtle than on previous shots that had FEC applied.