Macro Study of a Feathered Thorn Moth

I’ve owned a Canon MP-E65 1-5x Macro lens and Canon MT-24EX Flash since I got an excellent deal on both items just before I started working for Wessex Photographic in their Weymouth branch.

Unfortunately, try as I might to love this combination, I’ve found this combination to be more than a bit cumbersome and although the MT-24EX is an excellent flash, I’ve found its flexibility a bit of a hinderance and I’ve found it far too easy to set the flash heads up wrong, especially if you’re varying shooting distance/magnification.  I have to confess that this might just be due to my inexperience with this setup, and would probably not be the case if I was a bit more methodical in my approach.

Anyway, this week, I found the MP-E65 lurking in the bottom of my camera bag and thought I’d have a go at firing off a few shots of a rather obliging Feathered Thorn (Colotois pennaria)  that I found in the house the other week.

These shots were taken using a YongNuo YN-14EX Ring Flash, which is very similar to the Canon MR-14EX and is much simpler to use than the MT-24EX, are there are no physical adjustments possible, you can only vary the A:B lighting ratio.  I find that this flash unit gives a rather flat light, so I mostly either have only one tube firing, or the ratio set to 8:1 to give a bit of depth and texture.

Here are a few shots ranging from 1:1 to 5:1 magnification.