Finally started packing.

Well, our preferred completion date is rapidly approaching, and now that it is only 3 weeks away, I thought that I’d actually better start to pack.

I’ve moved around a bit over the last 7 years or so, and a lot of stuff is still in boxes, but I’ve still got quite a bit to move.

Anyway, I guess I’d better get started.


We collected our wedding rings today, GULP!! Now everything is that little bit more real. 4 weeks and counting.

Some nice weather at long last!!

It seems like forever since we’ve had any nice weather down here in Weymouth, but this morning I awoke to clear skies and bright sunshine, so I thought I’d make the most of the change in weather.

After spending a couple of hours job junting, I decided to go out with the camera and follow one of the Wey Valley Walks (blue walk) from Nottington.  A leaflet detailing the Wey Valley Walks is available from the local tourist information centre.

The walk headed towards Upwey before heading west, cross country towards Friar Waddon, then looping north onto the Ridgeway before descending down into Upwey next to the Wishing Well tearooms.

It was a gorgeous day, and it certainly felt good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Oops, I’m in hospital :o(

I was admitted to hospital last night because my blood wasn’t clotting properly.  I’ve been treated and am feeling much better today, but will be kept in for a few days for observation, so it looks like my Photo365 project will be missing a few days, but it can’t be helped.  Hopefully I won’t be in for too long.

Another New Year – 2011

Well, it looks like its time for the New Years Resolutions again, here are mine:

  1. Find a Job in Hydrogeology
  2. Keep eating healthily and keep off the 2 stone I lost last year
  3. Update my website & keep a blog
  4. Get in control of my finances
  5. Take 1 good photograph every day of the year
  6. Learn about flash photography techniques
  7. Take more flash photos outdoors
  8. Document a year at a single location (1 photo per month)

And most importantly of all, make sure the wedding is well organised and that I’m on time!!!!