Photo365 – 22 Jan 2011


Health Centre at Twilight

Manda and I spent this afternoon in Dorchester, mainly pricing up wedding rings, and I didn’t have much time to get an image today.  After trying a couple of portraits at the Roman Town House, we walked back towards the car towards this building.

Although I don’t think that this building fits in very well with its surroundings, I’ve always loved how it looks when its illuminated, and I thought I’d try to get a decent image of it.

As the light was very low, I didn’t have a tripod, and I didn’t want to get too much image noise by upping the ISO, I decided to try bracing the camera against a pole supporting a road sign and took my shots.

Exposure details were 1/2 sec at f/5.6 at ISO 400.  When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised by how sharp the image was, and liked the diagonal light trails from a passing car, so this is my choice for today, I hope that you like it.