Photo365 – 26 Jan 2011


A Grey Day on Hythe Pier

I have to confess, I’m not much of a fan of post-processing and image manipulation, but when I say this view in front of me earlier today, it was just begging to have the reds popped.

The image was processed and resized in Digital Photo Professional, before I edited it in GIMP.  I opened the coloured image as the background, and then decomposed the image into red, green and blue channels before deciding that I liked the look of the blue channel the best.

I copied the blue channel and pasted it as a new layer above the background and reduced opacity to about 70%.

Next I added a layer mask to the B&W layer, and selected a soft brush and painted over the red lifebuoy, then I flattened the image and saved as a jpeg.

This didn’t need a huge amount of work, so I was happy and am very pleased with the result.