Photo365 – 12 Feb 2011

Pigeon Street

Pigeon Street

Manda and I spent most of this afternoon in Dorchester where we ordered my wedding ring, gulp!!!

Anyway, as we were sat on a bench eating our lunch at the top of the precinct, we were surrounded by a number of rather bold, scrounging pigeons.  Now I have to confess that pigeons are not my favourite creatures, but as they were so bold, I thought that I’d try a close-up, low-angle shot from street level.

This was the second image of a sequence taken when the pigeons had temporarily taken a step back and were checking out how much of a risk the camera on the ground posed after the shutter had just fired.

I used the pop-up flash set to -1 2/3 EV FEC to soften the harsh shadows cast by the bright sunshine, and I have cropped the image slightly to remove the unsightly street furniture.

This is by far my favourite image of the week.