Photo365 – 8 Jan 2011


Agnes the Horse

Not a particularly artistic image today, but this is a picture of a wonderful wooden sculpture of a horse in the Royal Dorset Hospital and serves as a reminder of my brief stay here.  Thanks to all the staff for looking after me and getting me home quickly.

Oops, I’m in hospital :o(

I was admitted to hospital last night because my blood wasn’t clotting properly.  I’ve been treated and am feeling much better today, but will be kept in for a few days for observation, so it looks like my Photo365 project will be missing a few days, but it can’t be helped.  Hopefully I won’t be in for too long.

Photo 365 – 2 Jan 2011


Photographed using the stroboscopic flash mode on my recently acquired Speedlite 550EX.

– 16 pulses @ 30Hz frequency and shutter speed of 0.5 seconds.

Detailed instructions for strobe flash exposure can be found on Gerard Maas’ website here:

Another New Year – 2011

Well, it looks like its time for the New Years Resolutions again, here are mine:

  1. Find a Job in Hydrogeology
  2. Keep eating healthily and keep off the 2 stone I lost last year
  3. Update my website & keep a blog
  4. Get in control of my finances
  5. Take 1 good photograph every day of the year
  6. Learn about flash photography techniques
  7. Take more flash photos outdoors
  8. Document a year at a single location (1 photo per month)

And most importantly of all, make sure the wedding is well organised and that I’m on time!!!!