New Photo Project

I’ve been fascinated by a series of cottages that I pass every day on the way to work since I moved to Bearwood a couple of years ago.  The cottages I pass are at at Longham, near Ferndown, and comprise two sets of semi-detached cottages, one of which was the old Longham Post Office, and a terrace of three cottages.  All are built in the same style, and looked like they might have been estate cottages, but I didn’t know any more than that.

Recently, I discovered that these cottages are locally known as “Lady Wimborne Cottages” when I discovered a book entitled “Lady Wimborne Cottages – The Story of the Canford Estate Cottages” in the local library.

The book suggests that there were 111 cottages originally built together with a number of other properties built in the same style.

I’ve decided that over the course of this year that I’m going to track down each of the remaining cottages and photograph them.

Apart from the above book, there is little information available on where the cottages are located, and I’ve managed to get quite good at identifying the buildings using Google Earth and the general location published in Pat Clark’s book.  So I’ve decided to write a separate page on this blog which is dedicated to the Lady Wimborne Cottages, and I also intend to pull together a custom Google Map showing the location of all the remaining cottages to help other hunters to locate them more easily.

Watch this space.