More garden flowers

Yesterday, I went to Garstons near Fareham for lunch, saw this primula and just had to have it. We’ve got to find somewhere to plant it, but I though I’d take a few photos before it was planted.

20140531_(Garden Flowers)_1367
Primula vialli
20140531_(Garden Flowers)_1378
Primula vialli





























I’m still enjoying playing with my Yongnuo ring flash and have been practicing my fill-in flash technique with garden flowers. Here are a few of the best shots.  I have to confess that my favourite shot is the one of Thrift.  I didn’t realise what a pretty little flower this was until I got right up close and personal with it.

20140531_(Garden Flowers)_1470
20140531_(Garden Flowers)_1436
Sempervivium flower spike
20140531_(Garden Flowers)_1444
Geranium spp.

Garden Flowers

This afternoon, I found this little chap hiding in amongst some flower pots, and managed to get a shot before he disappeared.

20140524_(Our Garden 2014)_1084
A friendly neighbourhood frog.

Later on today we visited a local garden centre and picked up a couple of new grasses for our front garden.

Here are some close up shots of the flowers.

20140525_(Our Garden 2014)_1200 20140525_(Our Garden 2014)_1175


























I also took some time to take a few close-ups of some of our garden flowers.

20140525_(Our Garden 2014)_1162
20140524_(Our Garden 2014)_1049
20140524_(Our Garden 2014)_1068
20140525_(Our Garden 2014)_1223
Sempervivium calcareum