New Binoculars

I’ve been re-igniting my interest in astronomy lately and have been struggling with an old pair of Helios 8 x 30 binoculars of 1980s vintage.

The vintage of the binoculars does not really matter as the optics will perform well if looked after, but I’ve found that the 30mm diameter objective just doesn’t have enough light gathering capability for stargazing, and although they are fine for daytime use I’ve found it near impossible to get a sharp image of the stars, as the points of light tend to flare quite badly.

So, today I placed an order for a pair on Helios Naturesport Plus 10 x 50 Wide Angle binoculars which got a Sky At Night best in test award.

I’m looking to get a scope as well, but figured that these binoculars would be significantly better than what I hve at the moment, and will be put to plenty of use in daylight hours too.

With a bit of luck they’ll be delivered tomorrow, so we’ll see how good they are when they arrive.