Don’t want to jinx anything, but drilling seems to be going ok today (fingers crossed, touch wood and all that).

Oh joy, my fourth week in Sheerness!!

2013 has got off to a flying start work wise with REC and I’ve pretty much become a resident of Sheerness since the New Year. So far I’ve been working in wind, rain, freezing fog, sleet, snow and most importantly in bright sunshine on Sheppey in January. However, I’m getting a bit homesick now and am supervising my final two boreholes this week, so will hopefully be home tomorrow night.

Another Year Rolls In!!

Well, 2012 has departed and proved quite exciting and eventful in the end. Manda and I finally have a house that is ours (and the Banks), we moved on time and spent the rest of the year making it our own and sorting stuff out.

No such plans for 2013, this year I’m hoping to do more photography and join a local photography club in either Bournemouth, Ferndown or Wimborne. Also hoping to get out and do much more walking, and explore my new local patch. We’re right on the edge of Canford Heath and the River Stour is only just down the road, so I’ve got some great habitat on the doorstep.

Photographically, I’d like to take more black and white images and improve my mono technique. Would also like to do more strobist stuff and really get my head around flash photography.

Anyway, not setting myself so many challenges this year.