A New (Old) Toy

Recently I have been collecting the cameras that I really wanted but could never afford whenI first got interested in photography in the 1980s.
Today I have taken delivery of a 1986 vintage (by its date code) Canon T90 and 50mm f/1.8 lens.
The camera is in excellent condition save for a small dent and minor brassing on the left hand strap lug.

I have yet to put a film through it, but the light seals appear to be intact and all the displays are visible.

Luckily I have a couple of old Tamron Adaptall2 lenses and a couple of Breech Mount FD adaptors so I have a range of lenses that I can use, though the 70-210 f4-5.6 has some fungal retiulation on the inside on the front element, so I’m interested to see how much this affects the image quality.

I’m more than a little relieved that the camera functions, as it was significantly cheaper than most of the ones I have been watching on ebay.
I can’t wait to put a roll of film through it!!

Just waiting for a Speedlite 300TL to turn up now.

Fingers crossed it is a good as it seems.