Finally up to date with photographs

I’ve really been struggling to keep up to date with processing and posting my Photo365 images of late, and had a backlog of about 6 weeks worth.

Well, last night, I had a mammoth session, and got everything processed and uploaded, phew!!!

My new resolution is not to let it happen again, well at least until August when I go on honeymoon for three weeks, and I think that is fully justified.

Stupid Road Signage

I have just seen the ultimate in stupid road signage.

Sign at a roundabout reads “Give Way to Traffic from the Right”

Whilst this is a correct instruction, it makes me wonder just what sort of idiots are being let loose on the roads today.

This is about the first thing I was taught about a roundabout when learning to drive.

So the question remains, what sort of idiots are being let loose on the roads that need to be reminded who to give way to at a roundabout.

Am I the only one to find that VERY scary!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a safe place to park and photograph the offending sign!

Found a Disused Mine Shaft

Today I’ve been at a site in Walsall looking for a disused mine shaft with a f@&k off big excavator. The excavator driver has been a star and found it in less than an hour. Have now logged the trial pits, taken many photographs, mapped the location and marked it by burying a 3m long pole in situ.

Just having lunch at 3pm then back to Brum to hand the keys back, then a long drive home to Southampton.

Today has been a good day.

Hounslow here I come.

Today is the first day of a three to four day job in Hounslow. Its a really early start because I really don’t wan’t to be late and get caught in any London traffic.

It’s 04:35 and I’m intending to leave by 05:00 so should be there in plenty of time.

Need a strong coffee though.