Photo365 – 20 Mar 2011


Today, I decided that I’d have a go at creating a physiogram, which is simply using a long exposure to record the trace of a swinging light source.  Depending on how the light source is swung, the resulting image looke like something created using the Spirograph toy of the 1980s.

This is a composite of two images, both 20 seconds long at f/22.

The first was a mini maglite fitted with an LED upgrade and the second was a 7 LED rear bike lamp.  The images were then combined in the Gimp.

Photo365 – 19 Mar 2011

Daisy, Daisy

Daisy, Daisy

This is a 1:1 shot of a common daisy (Bellis perennis).  I was after something simple today, and there were plenty of daisies on the lawn before someone took a mower to them.

This shot was taken using my Canon MP-E65mm f/2.8 1-5x macro lens set at about 1x and f/14.  Shot using natural light.

First attempt at night landscape photography.

As it was almost a full moon tonight, and the weather was wonderfully clear, I decided that I’d have a go at some photography by moonlight.

I re-read an article in a photo magazine and armed with a little knowledge headed down to Portland to have a go.

First subject was the classic view from the Red Crane towards the lighthouse.  I estimated the exposure by setting the camera to f/8 and the ISO to 1600, which gave a shutter speed of 30s.  I then decreased the ISO to 200 (3 stops) and tripled the exposure time (1.5 minutes).

The first images came out a bit too dark, so I gradually increased the exposure time, until I was happy with the result (2.5mins @ f/8).  The magazine article recommended setting a manual white balance value of about 3000K, which was what was used in these shots.

Portland Bill by Moonlight

Red Crane by Moonlight

Beach Huts by Moonlight

Portland Swings by Moonlight

Overall, I’m very pleased with these images, I had great fun creating them and can definitely see me doing more of these.

Photo365 – 18 Mar 2011



Today was a wet and miserable day, but it did give me the opportunity to grab an image of raindrops on some iris leaves.

This was shot at about 1:1 with my Canon EF 100mm Macro lens.  I used natural light for this, as I didn’t like the twin specular highlights that I was getting from the flash.

Photo365 – 17 Mar 2011

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

By the Light of the Moon

Todays image is one of only two taken today, and my first attempt at shooting a scene lit by moonlight.

The moon was almost full, and so gave plenty of light, though the light cloud cover meant that it wasn’t as bright as I would have liked.

I took a guess at the exposure, which was 4 minutes at f/5.6 at ISO200.  Due to the light cloud, there is a bit of an orange cast, and I really didn’t know what to do with the white balance.

In the end, I opted for daylight white balance, which has given a bit of an orange glow, which at least stops the image from looking like it was taken in poor light on an overcast day.

I did also try using tungsten white balance, which gives a slightly more natural colour, but a slight bluish tinge, but to my eyes that made it look like the shot had been taken under poor light, rather than at night.

Photo365 – 16 Mar 2011



Whilst walking a section of the SW Coast Path along the Fleet today, we came across these two abandoned rowing boats that were in a poor state of repair.

The boats were filled with boulders (presumably to stop them from floating away) and a lot of dead eel grass that had washed in from the Fleet.

Hurrah, a Job at Last

Hurrah, I got a call today from Wessex Photographic to tell me that I’d been successful in my job application, and that I start on Monday.

I’m chuffed to bits with that.  Its not much money, but its better than the nothing I’ve been getting and its working in a camera shop, photography being one of my passions.

Can’t wait to get started on Monday :oD

Photo365 – 15 Mar 2011

Spring at Kingston Lacy

A Spring Day at Kingston Lacy

As today was my birthday, and the weather was looking promising, I decided that we would have a day out at Kingston Lacy.

The weather was absolutely glorious, and warm, and although I know this is a bit of a picture postcard shot, it summarises the lovely day that we had.


Photo365 – 14 Mar 2011

Passage of Time

The Passage of Time

The fact that its my birthday tomorrow gave me the inspiration for todays image.

This was a very simple shot to set up, just my favourite watch on a black velvet background and lit by a white fluorescent light in the kitchen.  A long shutter speed was used to add some movement to the second hand to give the impression of the passage of time.


Photo365 – 13 Mar 2011

Afternoon At West Bay

Afternoon at West Bay

It was such a beautiful day today that I just had to get out and about, so I decided to walk from Bridport to West Bay and back along the old railway track, which is now a bridleway and cyclepath.

By the time I got to West Bay, the light was already getting a lovely orange glow, and the cliffs looked beautiful.

Personally, no image can depict Dorset more than the yellow cliffs of Bridport Sand at West Bay, though that might be due to the fact that I’m a geologist.

Today, I had a good walk around to scope out a new location, as I normally shoot from the beach and struggle to get foreground interest.  Today I walked along the harbour and realised that I could use the sea defences protecting the harbour as the foreground.

I’m pleased with the result, though I would have liked a slightly more interesting sky, but I guess you can’t have everything.