Photo365 – 31 Jan 2011

A January Afternoon in Weymouth

A January Afternoon in Weymouth

The light for this shot wasn’t brilliant as it was a bit of a dreary afternoon……again.  However, I liked the composition of this shot, with the broad curve of the waterline leading your eye through the photograph.

Herons Return to Nottington

At Mandas flat, we are blessed (or maybe thats cursed) with a small Heronry in the neighbouring woods.  The Herons generally return to their nest sites in about February, and today, I noticed familiar squawks indicating that the first herons of 2011 have returned.

The Herons are rather raucaus and argumentative, particularly the youns, apparently having no need for sleep, chattering and arguing well into the small hours.  However, the young are very inquisitive, and make good photographic subjects when they are able to see out of the nest.

Here are a couple of shots that I took in 2010 from the garden behind the flat.

Young Herons (2010)

Young Herons (2010)

Dancing on Ice – WTF!!!

I have to confess that I really enjoy Strictly Come Dancing, and have up until now really enjoyed Dancing on Ice, but now its time for a bit of a rant.

WTF are ITV playing at, they’ve got so many “celebrities”in this year that the shows are running at 2 HOURS long, plus another half an hour for the results!!!

Plus, the first two weeks consisted of a pre-competition elimination so that they started with 4 more competitors than they had places for, and so 4 people were eliminated BEFORE the competition really started.

I’m sorry, but that really is TOO long for an “entertainment” show on a Sunday evening.  By the time its halfway through, I’ve got to the point of not caring anymore.

I’m now at the stage where I think I’ll just boycott the rest of the series just because the show is hogging the Sunday night schedule, god knows I’ve got enough CSI and NCIS recorded that I’ve got other stuff to watch.

Rant over!

Photo365 -30 Jan 2011

Abbotsbury Hill Vista

Abbotsbury Hill Vista

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, and we spent the morning in Freshwater (near Bridport) and the afternoon in Weymouth.  We stopped at the Abbotsbury Hill viewpoint for lunch, and this is my image for today, and shows St Catherine’s Chapel, The Fleet, Chesil Beach and Portland.

Freshwater wedding fayre

Today, Manda and I went to the Freshwater Wedding Fayre, near Bridport, as we’d been told that there was goin to be a florist there that we wanted to speak to.

Well, I have to say that it was at the very least a disappointment.  There was very little there, and if it had been our first wedding fayre, then we’d have been very disheartened.

However, on the positive side, the florist was very good and for what we are looking for was much more reasonable than a florist that we had a quote from in Poundbury.  We are hoping to go down to Briport next Saturday to go through what we want and get a proper quote organised.

Photo365 – 29 Jan 2011

Pills, Pills, Pills!

Pills, Pills, Pills!

I left today’s image until the end of the day, as I was a bit fed up.  Since my stay in hospital, the pills I’ve been prescribed have well and truly screwed up my diabetes and high glucose levels are making me fed up, irritable and grumpy.  I’m fed up of pills, and so chose a pill organiser as todays subject.

Image was taken using 2 Speedlites A (left) and B (right) with an A:B ratio of 1:4.

Wedding Rings Chosen

Manda and I spent today in Dorchester, with the aim of choosing a wedding ring from what I think is one of the nicest jewellers that we’ve been into, Hardys Jewellers in Dorchester.

We’ve been into a number of jewellers so far, but I have to confess that browsing in Hardys was the most pleasant experience that I’ve had so far.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Manda’s ring has been ordered, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve decided on mine, which I’ll order later.

Photo365 – 27 Jan 2011



Todays was a simple shot to set up.  A small IKEA rectangular vase filled with water in front of a white card background.  Speedlite 550EX fitted with a Stofen diffuser attached to an off-camera cord and positioned to light the white background. Speedlite set to manual 1/8 power.

Photo365 – 26 Jan 2011


A Grey Day on Hythe Pier

I have to confess, I’m not much of a fan of post-processing and image manipulation, but when I say this view in front of me earlier today, it was just begging to have the reds popped.

The image was processed and resized in Digital Photo Professional, before I edited it in GIMP.  I opened the coloured image as the background, and then decomposed the image into red, green and blue channels before deciding that I liked the look of the blue channel the best.

I copied the blue channel and pasted it as a new layer above the background and reduced opacity to about 70%.

Next I added a layer mask to the B&W layer, and selected a soft brush and painted over the red lifebuoy, then I flattened the image and saved as a jpeg.

This didn’t need a huge amount of work, so I was happy and am very pleased with the result.